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Mapping Out Your Job Search (Part II)

In my previous blog, I indicated that there would be a series of blogs discussing mapping out your job search in order to navigate to the next destination in your career. This was a result of being asked by some of my former colleagues and employees at Lynx Aviation and Frontier Airlines who want to […]

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Mapping Out Your Job Search

Prior to starting Hamrick & Associates, I was the Director of Human Resources for a company that will be closing their doors in September of this year. Unfortunately, this company closing is not a unique situation but is representative of our nation’s economic conditions. I have been asked by some of my former colleagues and […]

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Is a Company Culture Important in the Hiring and Selection Process?

Recently, a former co-worker sent me an article ( click here to read the article ) on how advertising agencies must change their approach to hiring. The article, written by Meredith Vaughan, President of Vladimir Jones, describes the bold approach this company took in changing their process in hiring individuals. I applaud the steps Meredith […]

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